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We are
​ I'm an artist .


It starts with drawing a picture.

It looks in someone's profile

It's a delicate feeling.

Use it as a dough

On leather

Print on glass

I will make it into a shape.

Even snuggling up to a moment in someone's life

For us

It is art.

Please know what you know.

We are

I'm an artist.



If the picture you drew

If you want to be clothes in the designer's head

Print on the fabric

I'll make it into clothes.

The important thing here

What kind of clothes do you want?

The place.

To make a pattern

Design the pattern.

of course

It is done directly by hand.



We are

Find beauty in curves

I love the beauty of curves.

The body has no straight lines anywhere.

A curve that harmonizes with such a three-dimensional body

I cherish it.


​general merchandise.

The picture drawn

Printed on leather

It can be a clutch bag or a card case

Printed on glass

It can also be a glass.

That time

I'm asking a London craftsman

Eventually it will be made in the UK and will be back.



The world is


The theme of love is overflowing.

Hurt by love

Disappointed with love

I want to deny love


Want love

I'm happy with love ...


To make the flower of love that breathes in the center of this heart bloom

The world is

It gives me a lot of dramas.

I'm sure it is.

Such thoughts

Change to an unchanging belief

We are

From now on

I want to connect with someone's heart.

If it's okay

I'd love to

Please connect with us.

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