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Each item from the SS24 collection, which made its runway debut at VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK, is now available as a pouch!

You can find one you like, collect it, give it as a gift, or treat it to yourself!

Please pick it up and use it before the commemoration of your first runway wears off ^^




【Product Info】

Height approx. 14cm x Width Approx. 20cm x Depth Approx. 11cm

Material Outer material: 100% genuine nappa leather Lining: Polyester

Country of production: UK

*As this is a handmade product, the size may vary slightly.


[Points to note when purchasing natural leather products]

Our highly skilled craftsmen use the latest printing techniques to ensure that our products are as durable as possible. Due to the natural texture of the leather surface, you may see small surface differences common to natural leather. All leather naturally ages with use, so the print may wrinkle or fade slightly over time. Also, due to aging, the base color may show through. When not in use, we recommend storing the product in a protective dust bag or box to keep it in the best condition.


[Precautions when using]

- If the bag gets dirty, clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth. If necessary, dampen the cloth with mild soapy water.

 ・To maintain vivid and long-lasting prints, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures, sunlight, water, and chemical detergents.

-Please do not touch light colored fabrics or chairs as there is a risk of color transfer.

・There is no problem in light rain, but we recommend that you do not use it on rainy days. If it gets wet, avoid direct sunlight and let it dry naturally.

- When cleaning the surface, use a damp, lint-free cotton cloth.

・Please note that if you use alcohol, the color will fade easily.



*This product will be manufactured in London and shipped to our atelier after receiving your order. Please allow 14 business days for your order to be shipped. Please acknowledge it beforehand.


*The actual color may differ slightly from the photo depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the viewing environment.


*Measuring is done by hand, so there may be some errors.

04Water - small bag

  • The hand-painted images are printed directly onto nappa leather in London. All processes are done by hand by specialized leather craftsmen and sewing teams.

    Printing is done using eco-friendly ink that is environmentally and socially conscious, and is printed with long-lasting printing technology that is resistant to fading.

    As this is a 100% genuine leather product, unique wrinkles and unevenness may be visible on the surface, but this is unavoidable due to the nature of the material. Please rest assured that this is not a defective product.


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