It is a graceful pattern reminiscent of the Rococo of the 18th century.


You can feel the story in a single painting of a wealthy daughter standing in the garden and looking at you, and the curves that surround this painting are on a gray background. He shows his movement while interweaving pink.


The collar and cuffs have a deep red color with a slight dullness.


The black shell button that decorates the bird plays the role of tightening the whole a little.



Fabric: 100% cotton

Thickness: Normal

Color: Bright Bordeaux x Red Pattern: Rococo Button: Black Button

Size: Chest circumference: Approx. 114, Length: Approx. 78.5 cm, Sleeve length: Approx. 84.5 cm, Neck circumference: Approx. 39

cm (dimension of the first button)

Shape: Formal shirt

Special notes: Use of interlining. The height of the collar and cuffs is high.

Woman standing in the garden.

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  • Fabric: 100% cotton

    Attention: Please put it in the net and wash it.

    Please note: The actual color may differ slightly from the photo depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the environment you are viewing. please note that.

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