The forest meets a small sea.


Named like the title of the story.


The vivid green like a fairy, depicting lush earthly life and embraces the seashells.


The shell buttons are arranged so that the shell pattern is clearly visible.

In other words, we dare use the back.


The forest meets a small sea and breathes more lively and gorgeous, and the shape of the shells shining brilliantly in this forest.


Flashy but natural. That is why there is a presence.

We made one shirt like this.


The fabric is soft and moderately firm.


Whether you wear it just one or as even if you wear favorite t-shirt under this shirt it makes the wearer a solid hero.



Fabric: 100% cotton

Thickness: normal

Color: Green Pattern: Plant button: Abalone button

Size: Chest circumference: Approx. 100cm (Nude size), Length: about 105cm, Sleeve length(from the back neck point): about 57cm, Neck circumference: about 41cm (Dimensions of the first button)

Shape: casual long shirt

Forest meets a little sea

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  • Fabric: 100% cotton

    Please note: Please wash in the net.

    Please note: The actual colors may differ slightly from the photos depending on the lighting conditions at the time of shooting and the environment you are viewing. please note that.

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    If you do not have a "proof of purchase", we cannot repair.

    ・ Thread fraying

    ・ Button position (for size adjustment)

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