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I almost lost sight of me.
That's why I drew a single rose.

I'm always looking at someone.

I put that person on top of a flower and found someone's expression on that flower, so I always drew a flower.

That's why I was always listening to someone's heart, always looking at someone's facial expression, always reacting to someone's words, and when I realized I was about to lose sight of me.

One night I noticed that I was suffering.
But I think it was a lot of pain.
It may have reached its limit that night.

That's why I wanted oxygen.
It wasn't something someone gave me.

So I decided to stop seeing someone once.
I thought I would stop.
I was thinking of drawing myself for the first time.
I chose flowers for myself for the first time.

Favorite flower shop Flowers that I always thought of someone I could only see a single white rose that day.
For a pure white rose that I have never chosen.

I came back and looked at the white rose in a vase.
I wanted to reflect my current heart here.
First of all, let's reflect what my heart is like now.

That's why I drew it.
I'm sure it's not simple.
I can't put it into words.
However, I used colors to layer what I felt for sure on top of white.

When I drew it like that, I could see it properly for the first time.
Your heart.
I was able to see it.

But it's strange, but it's pretty beautiful, isn't it?

It's strange to say it myself, but I'm sure it's because my heart is delicate.

Because it is delicate, it mixes in various ways and looks different when the angle is changed.

I'm sure I'll continue to shake my heart with someone's facial expression, react to someone's words, and make it into a picture again.

But since the day I drew the rose of the cat, I could clearly see my existence, so I'm sure I'll never lose sight of it.

Even if it shakes delicately, it will not break and will take in various colors and change it into my own shape.

I was me.

I didn't seem to lose sight of it.
I just didn't look at me.

A picture of the moment I loved me.

If you don't love you, compare yourself to a flower
I hope you can love me.

Love, Naoki
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