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Hi  I'm Naoki,

I'm drawing a picture.

for example


You see

Even now

This feeling

I can't even put it into words.

that's why

Put it on the brush

Let the colors dance

I want to show you.

More than drawing the moon

I want to draw my feelings.

With more heat than drawing a flame

I want to draw the feeling I received from you.

For me, drawing a picture

Invisible certain things

Wake up visibly.

And look at it

Staring at each other again

Communicate the feeling of coming next

Repeat it.

To live

To feel the world with all five senses

Especially I

I wanted to get it from the person in front of me

And let it resonate with the sixth sense

I want to return as much as possible

I want to keep all of that

that's why


I'm drawing a picture.


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