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《Model nude dimensions》

Chest circumference 87 cm / Neck circumference 35 cm / Arm length 58 cm

​​ Waist 71cm / Hip 89cm

<< How to measure nude dimensions >>

[Chest circumference]

Raise your arms and make a full circle just below the indentation on your side.

After hitting the tape measure, lower your arm and measure

Measure a little loosely so that it does not become tight

[Neck circumference]

From above the protruding bones behind the neck

Measure one round just below the Adam's apple

[Arm length]

From the dent of the arm joint on the shoulder side that can be confirmed when raising the arm

Measure straight up to your wrist


Measure straight from the protruding bone behind the neck to the buttocks

Measure all without wearing clothing

〚Cotton characteristics〛
No matter how hard it is to wrinkle, cotton
Wrinkles are inevitable so that it is difficult not to wrinkle at all.
However, cotton is relatively easy to remove stains.
You can create a crisp feeling that cannot be achieved by shape processing.
Please iron before wearing.
Also, it may cause yellowing.
The color will last longer if you use it away from sunlight for a long time.

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